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Prior to becoming a portrait and music photographer Greg Vorobiov was a pro-guitarist working with a wide range of famously badass artists, from Jewel to Jimi Hendrix’s drummer Buddy Miles, from American Idol judge Randy Jackson to Stevie Ray Vaughan’s band Double Trouble + many others. Plus he played on the hit TV series Bay Watch and Max Headroom.

Living in the music world of festival stages, tour buses and recording studios has led to a deep understanding of the artists’ heart and how to dance with it. This natural dialogue reveals itself in his photos of artists such as Slash, Doyle Bramhall II, Larkin Poe, Lucinda Williams, John Oates, Jimmy Vivino, Joan Osbourne and Edgar Winter, among others. In addition, Greg loves directing, shooting and editing video.

His work has appeared in Guitar Player Magazine, Vintage Guitar Magazine, Premier Guitar Magazine, LA Times, Chicago Tribune, Huffington Post, National Geographic -, No Depression, Guitar Connoisseur, Guitar World, and more.

Artists trust Greg because he is also one of them, and he plays his camera like his guitar, bold and soulful, capturing honest and artful visual stories. And if Greg isn't playing music, the next best thing is to photograph artists who are.


Double Trouble – Stevie Ray Vaughan’s band
Buddy Miles – Jimi Hendrix’s drummer
Randy Jackson (American Idol judge)
Colin Hay – Men At Work singer
Susan Tedeschi
Ronnie Montrose
Bonnie Hayes
Edgar Winter
Wynonna Judd
Keith Urban
Melissa Etheridge
Frank Black (The Pixies)
Gregg Rolei (Journey, Santana keyboards)
Michael Shrieve (Santana drummer)
Walter Afanasieff
Corey Lerios
John Rich (Big and Rich)
Hal Ketchum
Lorenzo Lamas (actor)
Jermaine Jackson
Sebastian Bach
Chris Kirkpatrick (NSYNC)
Sean Young (actor)
Mikalah Gordon (American Idol)
Irene Cara (FAME! actor, singer)
James Otto
Wade Bowen
David Hallyday

Max Headroom series
Bay Watch series
O’Hara series
Parker Lewis Can’t Lose series
Nashville – Gone Country 2 series

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Bob Weir
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Larkin Poe
Bonnie Raitt
John Prine
Darryl Jones (Rolling Stones)
Lee Ann Womack
John Oates (Hall & Oates)
Jimmy Vivino (Conan O'Brien)
Doyle Bramhall II
Richie Kotzen
Trigger Hippy
Joan Osbourne
Marc Moran
Lyle Workman
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Guitar Player Magazine
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Premier Guitar Magazine
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Greg’s debut solo CD “Tailgate Troubadour” is available at iTunes – CdBaby – Amazon Listen to 7 of the 12 songs on the SoundCloud player below.

“Tailgate Troubadour” is where Greg’s artistic heart lives as a textural and cinematically inspired soundtrack without a movie. Organic and soulful the 12 instrumental songs, or sonic-movies, utilize his instruments as characters engaged in conversation. TT features Lucinda William’s drummer Jim Christie and Jackson Browne’s bassist Kevin McCormick. Beautifully mixed by Jackson Browne’s guitarist Mark Goldenberg and mastered by Gavin Lurssen at The Mastering Lab, Grammy winner for the “O Brother Where Art Thou” soundtrack. Tailgate Troubadour takes you on a timeless Americana road trip with Telecasters, Gretsches, Dobro, Lap Steel, Baritone, Mando-guitar and glowing vintage amps as your passengers…

Download TAILGATE TROUBADOUR at iTunesCdBaby – Amazon


Vintage Guitar Magazine – John Heidt – Review June 2005 Issue
Greg V. has played and toured with acts Double Trouble and Buddy Miles. But that won’t prepare you for this album of instrumentals that contains more tasty, atmospheric guitars than you’re likely to hear in a couple hundred albums. Greg plays guitars, baritone, lap steel, dobro, and mando guitar, and there’s not a lot of flash – just the occasional flurry of notes, but it doesn’t show up unless it adds something. More likely, you’ll hear the kind of parts you hear in the opener, “Rusting Soul.” The soaring lap steel leads into burning hot tasty electric soloing. Dobro darts in and out where needed. “Sunset To Moonrise” is one of those lazy (in the best way) scorchers with an array of sounds that’ll delight and confound you. In fact, this whole record has such a dense batch of noises you’ll find something new on every listen. In some ways, it’s reminiscent of Bill Frisell’s work, without the jazzy touches. A good checkpoint for sound might be the only non-original on the record, a dazzling take on “Amazing Grace.” Greg’s version captures the soaring feel and sound that this song should have. Chops-wise, Greg definitely has it, banjo rolls, two-and-three-string bends, and bends behind the neck are right on the money and add so much feel to the songs. Singer/songwriters would kill for a guy like this to come along. He’s got chops, but he’ll only give what the song calls for.

Lyle Workman – guitarist with Sting, Beck, Film Composer
I’ve known Greg for many years, and the moment I heard the CD, I felt the music was a perfect reflection of the man; a direct link from his soul, mind and character. It felt real, honest and complete, three dimensional; it’s the soundtrack of Greg. Tailgate Troubadour is full of wonderful playing, hum-able melodies, and beautifully rich guitar tones. It’s music that features guitar but is not guitar music; it’s so much more than that. Greg’s voice is strong, and I’m happy it’s being heard. Do us all a favor Greg, give us more of your music!

Ronnie Montrose – guitarist – producer
The title, “Tailgate Troubadour” might conjure up an image of a swaggering, Devil-may-care surfer sippin’ on a brew and strummin’ an old Harmony acoustic guitar on a tailgate at the beach somewere… Nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to Greg V’s masterful project… From start to finish Greg weaves an intricate tapestry of sonic delight with precision and purpose. Sometimes delicate, sometimes fierce, always interesting and all the while soulful and sublime. Definitely do your head and ears a favor and pick up this beauty! You’ll find yourself listening again and again ***** 5 stars

Tom Bukovac – Nashville session guitarist, Trigger Hippy
Tailgate Troubadour plainly shows the mature, restrained blending of interesting sonic textures that only many years of experience can teach an artist….tasteful, mysterious, creative, and most of all inspired.

David Grissom – guitarist with Dixie Chicks, Storyville, John Mellancamp
Great tone and textures from a very soulful player….check it out.

Tim Pierce – guitarist with Bruce Springsteen, Don Henley, Santana
Greg’s Tailgate Troubadour is a great driving soundtrack. Equal parts Americana-Roots-Rock, with a dreaming quality like the best movie scores.

David Torn – solo artitst and guitarist – producer David Bowie, Jeff Beck
GV is SUCH a great player. it’s relieving to listen to a musician (who plays the guitar) so deeply focussed on the most difficult & refined of musical techniques, those that are necessarily relevant to his own expression & contextual development; the virtuosity of the subtle & specific manipulation of tones that gv exercises is very real, to me. listening to gv’s music, i always feel kinda satisfyingly geographically displaced — like there’s this clearly ‘american’ sound, ya know, but then there’s also present the soul of imagined spaces somehow more open, more remote, older, historical….. like, a russian soul, maybe….. an effect on me akin to that of reading bulgakov’s ‘the white guard’ or ‘a country doctor’s notebook’ or something, wherein ‘place & time’ are felt, noted & key to the plot, but, well….. the meaning of the story is not really bound by nor restricted to this place-in-question. to me, greg is a musikant —who lives music, and whose music reflects something of life— rather than the more typical musiker, who plays an instrument well. and, anyways: he IS — by any stretch of my imagination — a freakin’ DUDE.

Richard Bennett – producer – guitarist with Mark Knopfler, Steve Earle, Emmylou Harris
Greg’s Tailgate Troubadour is a showcase for his soulful, rootsy and rocking guitar mastery. It covers a wide spectrum of styles from some serious slide guitar playing to Hollywood soundscapes all supported by a wonderful rhythm section that knows what the word groove means. Through it all, Tailgate Troubadour remains focused on the voice of the record, Greg V.’s great guitar playing. It will get your attention.

Kenny Greenberg – producer – guitarist with Faith Hill, Gretchen Wilson, Amy Grant
The buzz among guitar player/tone freaks here in Nashville is Greg V’s new CD. It’s filled with soulful playing, great guitar tones, and yes, believe it or not, great songs. Cinematic in it’s approach, it’s a total vibe record that does what a record should do, which is take you on a journey from beginning to end.

Shane Fontayne – guitarist with Sting, Bruce Springsteen, Rod Stewart
There’s a traditional earthiness to Greg V’s “Tailgate Troubadour”, echoing a delicacy and restraint which mark the good taste he exhibits throughout the CD. It alternates from modal and romantic, to bluesy and raunchy – his guitar playing at all times skillful and dextrous.

Redd Volkaert – solo artist and guitarist with Merle Haggard
Greg's CD is great! He covers all the sounds and moods only he can get out of a guitar, Get it!

Tone Quest Report Magazine – David Wilson – Interview March 2005
Greg V. is an old friend whom we first met at Atlanta’s Tabernacle playing in Double Trouble, featuring Malford Milligan on vocals and Tommy Shannon and Chris Layton from Stevie Ray’s band. Greg’s independently produced instrumental CD Tailgate Troubadour features twelve intricately-woven melodic tapestries that combine his trademark Telecaster with dobro, lapsteel, acoustic, baritone and mando guitar, a funky Gretsch Corvette, classic Fenders, and a few boutique amps for flavor. We know you’ll appreciate the lush and vibrant melodic landscapes he skillfully creates with strings, and there is much to appreciate and learn from within Tailgate Troubadour.

Pure Music Magazine – Frank Goodman – Review June 2005
One brilliant song erases the memory of fifty mediocre ones. One superb musician erases the memory of a hundred mediocre ones. Without saying or singing a word, Greg V is propelled to the top shelf, the realm of the few. Entirely void of bombast or artifice, and without a note or a sound overdone, V still manages to swell, glide, and grind his way hypertonefully through a dozen beautiful compositions that sound like the soundtrack for a warrior’s life–a cowboy, a sailor, a monk, a traveler. This is instrumental music of unusual depth and power. To call it cinematic almost cheapens it–it’s like music that inspires someone to make a movie, not merely music that might fit into somebody’s movie. In fact, it is a sonic movie. So many guitar, baritone, lap steel, mando guitar voices actually emerge in the compositions, it’s like great dialogue. And the interplay of the voices is so clear, and so eloquent, there’s absolutely no wasted or extra notes or riffage going on. It’s cogent, it’s all important, and it all works. Tailgate Toubadour doesn’t jump from one style or tempo to another. It’s a tone tapestry with melodic episodes or vignettes woven together from the reservoir of Americana. Mountain music, bluegrass, ambient roots rock, a dozen great songs that do not have or require a singer. But Greg V also loves playing behind great singers and writers, and will probably be hearing from quite a few of them as this shocking testament to his abilities as a composer and tonesmith begins to circulate. It’s a buzz right now in the rarified air of Nashville’s session elite. Rare quotes from a number of Music City’s finest can be found on the artist’s website. There you can also find the long list of artists with whom he’s toured and recorded. Drummer Jim Christie (Lucinda Williams) and bassist Kevin McCormick (Jackson Browne) are V’s flawless and fierce companions throughout. Truly mighty. I knew the artist as a young prodigy, the rare youth who played hell outta metal and country, and plenty in between. But he’s come worlds since then, galaxies. And we’re amazed. This issue of Pure Music also features great interviews with Buddy Miller, Lori Mckenna and Al Anderson.

Guitar One Magazine – Michael Ross – Interview November 2005
How did a guitarist who put in time with rocker Ronnie Montrose and played on sessions with Mariah Carey’s producer end up with one of the best instrumental roots records of 2005? Greg’s recent album, “Tailgate Troubadour” contains a set of cinematic tunes-rendered beautifully on electric, acoustic and lap steel guitars-that projects widescreen images of the South. “I’ve got 12 five-minute movies on my record” he says, “and so I used my instruments like actors. I’d look at the mandolin and ask, ‘Do you need a speaking roll?”…

20th Century Guitar Magazine – Robert Silverstein – Review June 2005
A journeyman guitarist who earned his stellar reputation working for music legends like Buddy Miles and Double Trouble. The twelve track “Tailgate Troubadour” is the perfect setting to convey his formidable skills on electric, acoustic, lap steel, baritone, dobro and mando guitars plugged into vintage amps…

Bill Hullett – guitarist with Hank Williams Jr, Martina Mcbride
Tailgate Troubadour…..Greg has reached a maturity in his playing that few ever reach, in that he’s not a lick driven musician. While others may focus on something flashy or catchy, Greg paints his pictures and takes you there with every song, creating a marriage of your ears and imagination, and by doing this he really engages and challenges his listeners….This is the kind of music that many desire to make, but few ever seem to do! Well Done.

Troy Lancaster – guitarist with Sarah Evans, Lee Ann Womack
Tailgate Troubador is a combination of diverse elements: Great tone, fresh song ideas and a spirited approach to his instruments.

Bonnie Hayes – solo artist – producer, songwriter with Bonnie Raitt
Greg has it all: tone, ideas and technique. The music is original and sonically gorgeous. I love this cd!

Lou Toomey – guitarist with Brooks and Dunn
Tailgate Troubadour is as real as the ground we walk on… organic, rootsy, spatial color that breathes, amazing.

Hadley Hockensmith – guitarist with Neil Diamond
Greg, I finally had a day relaxed enough to sit down with a nice cup o’ Jo & soak in your new CD. This stuff is just Great – the sounds, the compositions, the recording quality, and of course – the guitar playing! I love the way you milk so many different tones out of that Telecaster – “Twang”, “Sparkle” and “Bulldog Growl” for days! I dig all the tasty modal drones in this collection & can see I’ve got a lot to learn about open strings & tunings. You also know how to put a great rhythm section together – very strong grooves coupled with sensitivity & style. There’s something here for everyone, and the main thread that permeates the whole CD is uniqueness. In a musical world filled with techno-shredders and sound alikes, it is a real treat to hear something so fresh and truly unique! Keep up the great work.

Mark Karan – guitarist with Bob Weirs Ratdog
Your CD has a very cinematic quality Greg… it’s very mood-evoking track to track. they each have their own “thing”- great guitar textures and grooves… lotsa room for the imagination to wander. I start to “hear” lyrics on several of them… good stuff!

Dennis Galuszka – Fender Custom Shop Master Guitar Builder
Of all the guitar players I deal with on a near daily basis, I only have a few favorites. Since Greg V pretty much tops that list, I was very excited to receive Tailgate Troubadour. If you are looking for one of those chop snob note diarrhea records, keep looking. This collection of songs are finely crafted compositions that perfectly show what a musical player and writer Greg is. Somehow he managed to make a record that is mellow and edgy at the same time. The tones are larger than life and the rhythm section is what every songwriter would sell their first born to have. This record is even better than I had expected to hear from Greg so do yourself a favor; find a sunset, get an expensive beer, a comfortable chez lounge, play this record and feel hip. Honestly!

John Havlicek – 2003 SongRamp Artist of The Year
I recently got an early copy of Greg V’s new CD “Tailgate Troubadour” and having been a fan of his work, I blocked out some quality time to spend with the thing. I figured this was gonna be a “keeper” before I heard note one, and I sure wasn’t disappointed. Greg is one of those people that just has the “musical gene”, and his instincts never seem to fail him as he weaves layers of classic guitar tones from his Telecaster as well as a bunch of different stringed instruments into an impressive tapestry. Greg has also paid his dues touring and building an impressive resume. The maturity and depth of his playing is no doubt a result of both the miles he’s traveled and the life he’s lived…as much as his innate sense of “what fits”. The CD is all-instrumental and starts off with a lovely piece (“Rusting Soul”) that highlights both the gritty twang of a Tele with crunch as well as some mighty fine Dobro. There’s definitely a “cowboy feel” to some of Greg’s work and this a good example. Throw in some fine wah-slide over a modulation and the word “expansive” comes to mind…lovely! Just hitting the highlights…the sad/sweet “Porch Swing” is soundtrack material for the soul. Just the Tele over acoustic, bass and brushed-drums…and it rings like church bells. The title track “Tailgate Troubadour” showcases the clarity of Greg’s vision. He layers and “paints” with guitar tones with an almost Zen-like precision. His take on the classic “Amazing Grace” is totally unique. The opening reminds me (for some reason) of bagpipes and the march tempo supports that feel perfectly. The song then takes a sharp left turn into an improvisation that’s just this side of manic and then settles peacefully back into the theme! “Cottonmouth Pass” is dripping with authenticity and Greg’s Dobro and acoustic playing are a marvel of taste…all the while the song is morphing rhythmically. Finally…”6 Strings 7 Lonely Nights” is full of the kind of blazing country picking that wouldn’t sound out of place on an Outlaws record…gimme more! The most impressive thing about the record is that it never seems to descend into self-absorbed riff-gymnastics and ego-tripping. Greg also avoided the temptation to hyper-polish the production with countless dubs (technology). It’s just plain-old good music. Finally, the bass and drum chores are handled admirably by Kevin McCormick (Jackson Browne) and Jim Christie (Lucinda Williams) and these guys know how to support a track. If you can get your hands on this thing (it’s on CD Baby), sit back, listen…and enjoy!

Stu Carter – Fat Sound Guitars
Wow….a beautifully painted landscape of incredible textures, tones and melody With Tailgate Troubadour, Greg V has created an incredibly lush landscape of perfectly executed tunes. The depth and richness of the layers keeps me coming back over and over again. Wonderful guitar tones combined with simply amazing playing that is at once technically accomplished and yet accessible. Whether a fan of guitar or just a fan of music this should be required listening. Tailgate Troubadour is an adventurous road trip with the assurance that around every corner lies a beautiful overlook…..highly recommended!

Brian Tong – Brainyard
I got a copy of your CD and man I gotta tell you how much I love it. I’m a fan of guitar music….have been for years….Carlton, Ford, Metheny, Johnny A, Johnson….everybody….and I must say you are right up there, bro in fact beyond some of my favorites. Most guitar music is same ‘ol, same ‘ol….look at my chops, NAMM show stuff or great playing and ideas and crummy compositions. Your project is well crafted, interesting and challenging. It wasn’t until my third listen that I really appreciated how intricate the various parts were put together. I love the recording, the playing (McCormick is the real deal) and the TONES! Man, oh man the tones! Way to keep the parts interesting and not trite. I never got the feeling you were trying to show off or even play written parts…everything feels organic and spontaneous….a mark of real talent. My biggest statement is your great and poignant ‘restraint and patience’ you show through each song. I truly admire your effort Greg and hope you the very best in your playing and writing. You really have something special to offer. Mark Goldenberg is one of my favorite guitar players (I met him at Anderson Guitars one day) and his sensibilities seem to permeate the mix….cool. Keep the Faith, man! Amazing Grace….wow, inspirational and singularly unique.

Howard Laster – Houston, TX
If this doesnt stir your soul, nothing will. The music on this CD is deeply reflective of the well of emotion and spirit contained inside this man’s heart and soul. Simply put, the music just comes across that way. The subtley of each note and each bar contribute to an overall arrangment of stringed instrument sounds that are all too pleasing to listen to over and over. Despite the obvoius guitar prowess, this is not a blitzkrieg of guitar hero notes, but instead a refined chain of melodies with an emphasis on texture and tone. Each song takes you to a different state of mind; however, all with a common thread of soulfulness. I have listened to Amazing Grace many times, yet the hair never fails to raise up on my neck and I get a chill listening to it as it is truly inspirational. Songs like Sunset to Moonrise, Autumn Kiss and Valley Voices simply cry out with longing and at times almost a deep sadness. If you are looking for music that stirs your soul, lifts your spirt and cleanses you with a good cry, this is it. This is one of the best CDs I have purchased in years and is my favortie guitar instrumental CD period. I highly recommend it to anyone.

Rick Johnson – RJDesign
Drawing upon his varied influences, Greg V’s Tailgate Troubadour presents a broad palette of musical colors blended in such a way as to gently escort you through his sonic landscape. Casual listeners will enjoy the music as it’s coaxed rather than contrived, yet a musician will appreciate the ease, comfort and confidence exuded by Greg V.s abilties.

Andrew Solner – Mako Amplification
Beautiful,This CD drips heavy with emotion. It makes me want to take a scenic road trip in a pickup…!!?? No turkeys on this one, and Greg’s playing and writing are fantastic. It’s very refreshing to hear a great CD by a great guitar player that everyone can enjoy, not just fretboard junkies. If you want a soundscape, an atmosphere, a mood, you must buy Tailgate Troubadour. Bravo!!!!

Fred Brown
Tasty and heart felt, I loved it from the first play …and it just gets better with each play. It’s a keen mix of Americana and country, swamp and edgy rock and folk with a twist. I love that growling Tele, the sweet dobro and the snarling lap steel. It just all fit together real well, every cut. I especially liked the Amazing Grace arrangement. Gives me goose bumps. I gotta figure out how to get it played at church. Greg has done an admirable job with the arrangements, the playing, and the production values. Highly recommended!

Richard Spanier
I knew this artist a lifetime ago and saw this CD as a way of getting reacquainted. I can’t say I am surprised about the skill displayed on the CD, but I am very impressed with the soul of this work. This is really good stuff!

Layered music so deep you can fall in and never hit bottom. This CD is for people who dream. The music is constructed of many layers (slide, lap steel, acoustic, electric and dobro accompanied by solid bass and drums. Greg’s songs don’t come at you headlong, but they envelop the listener. His use of reverb and tremolo are a huge part of his skill as a composer and as a player he shows tasteful restraint throughout. His music to me is nothing short of authentic American music that is rich, melodic and deep, oh so deep.

Rick Hart
The man’s a painter. Landscapes of of color and tone. Moved me like a gentle ocean. Not a busy guitarist who winds up breaking your last raw nerve. Lets you leave your nerves behind. Thanks, Greg.

Tyler Crow
Great CD! Some of the best guitar playing I’ve ever heard! Greg makes great music, period. Yes, it is a guitar-oriented CD, but that makes it all the more engaging. The way Greg weaves together electric, baritone, acoustic, and resonator guitars is nothing short of orchestral. I highly recommend this to all fans of good music. I look forward to Greg’s next project!

Outstanding Album! What a great artist and album. The music on Tailgate Troubadour is soulful, inspiring and performed masterfully. I can hardly wait for the next album.

Tim Crabb
A great talent with a solid grasp of guitar tone and emotion. With multi-layered guitar, mando and other instruments, Greg V. has recorded a great CD. Moods and emotion are reflected in his tasteful playing. The mark of a great musician is the ability to play the right notes at the right time (Larry Carlton and others have set a high standard) and this CD is an inspiration for other players and non-players alike who want to hear “just the right notes.”

A masterpiece. One of the best albums I’ve bought in recent years. It touches my soul. It connects to me in a strange way…don’t know how. It’s got IT! Recommended to everybody who loves quality music.

Robert B.
When I received this cd I played it over & over as I drove my truck. If your into dreamy layers of great guitar get this cd. It will be a favorite for years to come for me. This is guitar for the mind and soul. Can’t wait for the next cd !

Robert Whitso – Scotland
This is just a stunning album that has to be ranked amongst the the best.

Tone, Tone, Tone. Great guitar tones!! Greg V. has it all Tone, Feeling, Taste and Talent. All songs on this CD are great. Every listen brings something new.

David Lamkins
Did you ever read reviews on sites like this and wonder whether you should take them all with a grain of salt? Well, Greg’s CD really *does* live up to the hype. Beautiful compositions, great arrangements, and awesome playing without flash or pretension. Just plain great instrumental guitar music… I’ve been listening to this CD daily since I got it, and I’m still as pleased as the first time I heard it. I’m recommending to all my friends, and even planning to buy a few more copies as gifts.

Steve Foley
This artistic journey truly conveys Greg V’s emotions, in a musical pallet. It’s not hard to imagine “being there”, when you listen to each track. In ANY style music, I most appreciate when the artist is able to convey an emotion, through musical style, tones, chord selection, instrumental textures……this is truly a sensitive, deep listen…. …now, it’s not a “head-banger”, so move along, if that’s what you’re looking for. It’s a mellow, choice Friday evening steak dinner with the family, on a rainy fall drizzly day – that perfect blend of oak toasting in the fireplace and cool changing weather…..just sit back and enjoy the experience.

Joe Breslin
Easily one of the best cd’s I’ve purchased! Great feel! Great tone! Can’t wait for Greg’s next cd!

Wayne Eagles
What an absolutely beautiful release! Superb recording/production values, gorgeous textures, wonderful writing, brilliant playing/tones by all musicians… There are many interesting twists & turns, a real depth of commitment/emotion/intention… Certainly transcends ‘guitar music’ to being something more cinematic/evocative. Truly musical and a remarkable achievement.

John G.
A shimmering, rumbling trip across America. I found Greg V. on the Victoria Amp Co.’s website. He’d done some samples for some of the incredible guitar amplifiers they sell there. Those short little samples hooked me. This recording has a big, shimmery, atmospheric feel to it. Rather than a virtuoso guitarist merely showing off his chops, Greg V. is a songwriter, a painter with sound. Not a single, wasted, beautiful note here.

John Andrich
Vintage gear + Fresh creativity = An unparalleled must listen. Tailgate Troubador is a phenomenal mood piece, guitars painting music and creating evocative textures, all in an earthy and organic production that is sure to leave listeners marvelling at the ease with which this virtuoso spins his musical web.

Mike Aronson
Greg weaves tapestries and paints sprawling landscapes with a rhythm section, his Telecaster, and some occasional tasty flatpicking and dobro. Far from ambient or background music, this collection of beautiful instrumental tracks has a strong underpinning of Americana, Roots Rock, or whatever you want to call it. Players will revel in the delicious menu of Tele tones. This is a great soundtrack for a drive through the desert or mountains, a long jog or bike ride, or maybe even just washing the dishes or painting the guest room! Play it any time, any place -you can’t not love this CD!

Dave Pelleman
If you are a fan of the Telecaster….then this is a must for you! I am a huge fan of sounds and tones you get from a Telecaster, slide, Acoustic and Resonator guitars. This CD is filled with all of the above! All the tracks have great tones and the production quality is superb. A lot of these tracks, the first two imparticular, would fit nicely with the right singer and lyrics… can FEEL the spots where the singer should be coming in but of course this is just Greg and for me…that is they way I like it. A great addition to my music catalogue!

Dave G.
Great instrumental compact disc. Rock folk/country blend with great tone and textures. Highly recommended. Cohesive and highly listenable (unlike some instrumental efforts). Not a disappointing track on the cd. If you enjoy listening to fine guitar work you will enjoy this cd in all its electric, acoustic and dobro splendor.

Mike Spiert
This is inspiring work. Very refreshing, mood setting music. The guitar sounds are beautiful. I can listen to it for hours.

Steinar Gregertsen
What a pleasent surprise “Tailgate Troubadour” was to me, not only is it one of those releases that keeps getting better each time I listen to it, but it’s also a rare case of instrumental rock guitar music that never gets lost in flashy pyrotechniques and the dreaded “too many notes” syndrome. Greg V comes across as a very mature and seasoned composer and musician with a strong focus on cinematic soundscapes and textures. This CD is highly recommended!

Dave DeMarco
This is a great collection of instrumental, organic, country-tinged, Americana rock. For guitar nuts, the tones are to die for. For the rest of us, it’s just good music. Great for those long drives!

Martin Lavallee
This CD demonstrates how great an instrumental electric guitar album can be. Not in speed and flash, but in feel and intention behind each notes. And that’s what I’m craving for. Greg, with this CD, you made me grab my old Telecaster and I’m now hunting for a Bajosexto baritone guitar !

S. Cameron
I came across Greg’s playing from listening to samples from the Bogner web site. Greg has a very good feel and his tone is simply superb. I clicked on the link to his web site and listened to the samples he had there. I found myself getting sucked into Greg’s vaguely familiar yet unique country rock tracks. All of the tracks on the CD are listenable and the production and tones are some of the best I’ve heard which is saying a lot comming from a jazz purest. Nice work Greg! All the Best, Scott

Grant Ferstat – Perth Australia
Finally-An Intrumental Record With A Voice! I’m sure you all know the usual story. Sideman to the stars produces own CD which inevitably turns out to be a tasteless showcase of prodigious technique totally devoid of any singular personality or memorable tunes? Not so this time folks! With Tailgate Troubadour Greg V has produced a warm and tasteful effort where his strong instrumental chops stay subservient to some wonderful melodic compositions. A diverse range of instruments including Mando and Baritone guitars, Dobro (all expertly and adroitly played by Greg) add texture alongside fat, raw & fiery Telecaster licks. The best thing about Tailgate Troubadour is that despite the fact that there’s no vocals on this recording, I swear I hear a voice. It’s the voice of someone who transcends being a “player” and demonstrates that he is an artist.

Tone, tone, tone… Learned about Greg V from the Bogner Amplification website, where his clips were absolutely steller. Waited for his album to come out, listened to some mp3′s from his site, finally got the album. Honestly, I’m usually not much for a purely instrumental album, having been promised music but given Muzak instead, but any fan of 6-string driven music is in for a real treat with this one. Obviously a labor of love and devotion, the playing is never flashy or pretenious. Haunting, swampy, melancholy, sublime…you get the picture. Its great driving music, great sonic landscapes dripping with Americana and rootsy rock tones. Tone to die for, for all guitar guys. Let me say that again–tone to die for. Greg, I want to see you hook up with a singer/songwriter worthy of your instrumental talents, and give this world the great big dose of musical beauty it needs. I’ll give this one five well-earned stars…you get a singer/songwriter collaboration that gels, that will give you a Grammy on the wall. Not a joke, either, keep playing. People out here in the Wastelands and Badlands of this country (metaphorically speaking, as I live that perplexing state of California!) appreciate and are groovin’ to what you’re doing.

I read about Greg in a Vintage Guitar magazine, and then found him on another site with some amp demos. Broke down and purchased Tailgate Troubadour, and have been relaxing with Greg and his tone on a regular basis. Super clean and melodic, treat your ears and soul to the vibes.

Vassili Voukotitch – France
Great tone for a fantastic soul trip. It’s just one of the bests instrumental albums I’ve heard. I like this sounds with “the” tone of Telecaster, and also Dobro one. Roots, no shred, only the good note at the good moment. You like those tones, you wanna dream…buy it.

Paul Haussler
Music to stir the soul. Greg V. can play just about anything with strings, particulary the Telecaster. The tunes offer a little bit of everything from bluegrass to county to blues. The picking takes precedence over the effects and the tunes are all pretty. Well worth a listen.

Katie Williams – Honolulu HI
Highly recommended, relaxing CD. Buy it now!!

Great guitar work, this CD will take your mind beautiful places!!

Thad Kacsandy
I first heard Greg V’s playing on the Bogner Amplification webpage…that led me here to CD Baby. I put off ordering and now regret not getting Tailgate Troubador sooner! If you are a fan of tasteful, toneful guitar instrumentals (not shred!) or just looking for some excellent road tunes, this is the recording for you.

Steve Hall
I love this CD. Perfect for a drive or just bing in te mood to LISTEN to music. Greg V has so many cool sounds bouncing around in these great tunes that it makes for a sweet sonic experience.

Matt McGee
Great CD! Definitely one of those discs you can enjoy while driving or just relaxing. Greg V is an awesome player with incredible tone and a very tasteful musician. Buy it now!

 R. Beddow
Utterly musical and cinematic in scope, Greg V’s Tailgate Troubadour CD is a thematic soundtrack that reveals something new and undiscovered with each repeat listen. “Troubadour” has the rare ability to be both completely immersive or simply a beautiful backing soundtrack to your life of the moment. A talented, soulful musician who has a great understanding of timbre, texture and space, Greg V never plays mere licks – but only that which is meaningful to the music. Wonderful, engaging, and highly recommended.

 Carl Ching
A must for guitar music lovers! A player who knows how to hold back and milk his notes. A master in creating tension to the edge of climaxing…he’ll leave you wanting more. Great use of effects and dynamics. An artist who understands the tone and voice of his instruments. Greg’s compositons paint pictures and take you on a journey. Great CD for your car; it’ll help take your mind off traffic.

 Bill Brown
A great first edition, Dare we hope for more? I actually know Greg V personally. We go back to 1978. He was 16 years old then and could already play most people under the table. I was really blown away by the “resume” he presented and even more so by the CD when I got it.

 Brian Oaks/The Madison House Studios
Great playing and great vibe. Greg just has the cool factor that few players can get. The parts are well thought out and the sounds have this great color. This is a must have CD for guitar players looking for playing and sound inspiration.

 Joe Crouch
I recently took a road trip from LA up through the redwoods – into Oregon and Idaho then into Wyoming and Yelowstone National Park – Greg’s Cd brings back memories of that trip – memories of grand vistas and America’s scenic countryside. Tailgate Troubadour is not about a guitarist showing off his chops – It’s about a skilled songwriter who is able to take you on a sonic journey. It is a journey that I highly recommend you take…

Remarkable & Rewarding. The best music takes you on a journey and when the journey ends there should be a sense of arrival. Tailgate Troubadour transcends the listener to a place beyond guitar chops and hot licks, and even though there are plenty of lush and gorgeous guitar tones, there is a visual beauty to the songs that is positively haunting. Maybe it just suits my state of mind right now but I think this record is the perfect soundtrack for anybody soul searching for their Authentic-Self. Incredible music.

Andy Sidari – Australian TV composer
My copy arrived today and I have had 2 listens back to back. This is some deep stuff, man. I think it’s a real creeper. Layered and textured by a master at the top of his game. On a whole though, the album weaves through a fantastic soundscape and an everchanging panarama that would blister the fingers of most men. Man…

John Chandler – PedalTrain Pedalboards
I really enjoy the tasetful and refreshing mix of acoustic and electric colors within the framework of these ear friendly grooves. This disc wins the 3-T award for Tasty, Texture and Tone!”

Ed DeGenaro – THD Electronics, Ltd.
DUDE!!!!!! That cd of yours is awesome. This is what 21st century Roy Buchanan would sound like.

Mike MacLane – Brainyard
The cd is fantastic. I love the melodies, and your tones…oh those tones. There are a number of things that really shine for me. The songs are there…clearly these aren’t tunes to just show off your chops, you wrote songs! I love how you let different instruments carry the melody. Most instrumental tunes feature a guitarist with a particular style or tone, and the lead line is carried by that tone/instrument. But on your project the melody starts on slide acoustic, moves to lap-steel with wah, over to a trem electric. VERY REFRESHING! I love the natural quality of the recording. I’ve only listen to this on my computer, and it sounds amazing. I can’t wait to fire it up at home. Once again, congratulations! When’s the first gig?

Steve Soisson
Stunningly good. Period. Stunning is the only word I can think of to describe this CD. Greg V.’s music transports you to a “moment” by creating a lush atmosphere of layered guitars and beautiful heartfelt melodies that are, at times, breathtaking. Greg V. changed the way I think about the instrument, and music, in general – something that hasn’t happened in the last 15 years. Don’t look here for flashy, egocentric guitar solos (although there is some VERY skilled playing). This is MUSIC…pure, simple, and flawlessy executed with tasty playing, and awesome, varied guitar tones. My best music purchase in many years!

Mike Pope –
Sliding Greg V’s new CD in the player is like taking ten years off your age – the stress and worry melts away as you climb in a vintage convertible and hit the road with Greg behind the wheel. Artful melodies draw concise audio pictures that change afresh at each turn. Mr. V. is quite adept in his playing, and is not limited to standard guitar fare; with Dobro, Lap Steel, Baritone and Mando-guitars joining in amidst his various Telecasters and Gretsches. Two personal favorites “Bend the Dusty Road” and title track “Tailgate Troubadour” are standouts, and Greg’s take on “Amazing Grace” is a must hear. Whether you’re an Americana aficionado or not, I recommend you check out this stellar release from a talented guitarist who has graced the tracks (and stages), of artists like Double Trouble, Buddy Miles, Colin Hay, Melissa Etheridge and Ronnie Montrose. You won’t be disappointed, more likely – you’ll be hooked!

Steve Snider
This Cd is really a thing of beauty. It takes you places. The guitar playing is stellar throughout and Greg’s ability to layer melodies and counter melodies using different textures and tones as well as different instruments is amazing. He has crafted one of the most enjoyable cds I have purchased in years. The writing and playing is soulful and brilliant, never self indulgent ,always interesting. Great, great record.

 Dan Mullins – Akai DPS24 Forum Webmaster
Greg, I’ve been listening to the cd all last night. This body of work is amazing. Your performances are just fantastic, as is the bass player and drummer. Each track is a musical delight, with arrangements that keep the ears happily following along from start to finish. I lost track of time as this cd swallowed me up! Great job, and best of luck!

 Bob Kilgore – guitarist
Greg, I’ve listened about four times now and this CD is a great ride! Wonderful playing and production and the tunes maintain a high standard throughout. On my first listen through, I kept thinking that your “unique voice” as a guitarist is probably realized more in how you blend different guitar sounds and textures together than in any individual sound or playing technique. The accumulative effect is really tremendous. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone do it so well. Any guitarist, from Rock to Country persuasion, could learn a great deal listening to this CD. If I had to pick a favorite track, it would have to be #9, “6 Strings 7 Lonely Nights”. (Do I hear a touch of Steve Morse influence in there?) Also, your rendition of Amazing Grace is the “definitive” version in my book. This is one I’ll listen to over and over.

 Joyce Thompson – Marina, CA
Tailgate Troubadour lifts up your feet and takes you away to far away places. Listening to Greg’s music makes you want to close your eyes and break free from the ordinary. His artistic musical talent radiates through . . . simplicity at its best. All the songs are well crafted and refined. A very gifted guitarist . . . and proud owner of Tailgate Troubadour.

 Rob Grace – songwriter guitarist Shadows of Light
Greg’s CD is so fresh yet accessible and feels very organic and familiar. There is an underlying emotional energy harnessed within the balance of tones and textures that invokes a deep soulful stirring a calling just begging to be provoked. It is easy to get lost in the mood and innuendo that Greg conveys here through his sensual use of musical nuance in musicianship and style. Its sounds so simple, yet it sounds so complex. An excellent balance to deliver on his first solo release. Greg’s skill and command of the guitar and the variation it can invoke is a true testament to the instrument and his understanding of its capabilities. This is one of those guitar CDs that doesn’t sound like a Guitar CD. It is a conversation of expression. Wonderful stuff. Just wonderful!

Scott – Livermore, CA
I wanted to wait, to come up with something brilliant here, and the longer I wait, the more reviews show up that essentially use the words that I would have used: swampy, moving, layers & textures, introspective, beautiful, inspiring, vintage sounding instruments, etc. So without worrying about being eloquent or succinct (too late for that!), I will share this…Usually I pick a CD to match a mood. Tailgate Troubadour creates my moods for me. I become a willing passenger on a guitar style tour of the U.S. through time where I experience a range of pleasurable emotions brought on by aurally visualizing different guitar based instruments and styles as might have been witnessed on a pick up drive through time and geography. Definitely one of the most beautiful, accessible and “fits all occasions” listening pieces… in my collection.

Knut Solvang – Norway
What a soulful journey, Tailgate Troubadour have been spinning both at home and in my car since i got it 5 days ago. It’s such a great Cd and it grows on me each time I listen to it. Just kick back and let Greg take you on a journey through great soulful songs, which really takes you places just like a great movie does. Truly awesome playing and beautiful tones throughout.

Michael Lee Shirey – Florida
A guitar players ‘primer’ for inspiration! Richard Thompson, Ry Cooder and Eric Clapton cloned together would sound like they made this record. Greg V. reinvents the ‘guitar’ album with incredible technique and a spiritual center that spellbinds . An absolute must for all us music refugees . This album will mesmerize, tranquilize and anethetize you! I’ve got my ticket and I’m ready to go!

Lou Vena
Lots of emotion on this CD. Each track creates a vibe and has atmosphere and space. Great recording quality which makes you feel like you are right in the studio (especially on Valley Voices, which incidentally may also make you feel like you’ve been magically transported to a mysterious Arabian paradise) No shredding, just tasteful melodies and beautiful arrangements where the focus is on the song. I also enjoy the variety of old school guitar tones weaving in and out of each song. Lovely CD.

Gary Fox
Tailgate Troubadour is dripping with vibe, feel and magic. This is a cd that uses great guitar playing to create moods and convey emotion and not as an end to itself, which makes it a rare treat. The counter melodies, layering of instruments and use of different tones and effects, combined with absolutely stellar playing, make this one of the finest instrumental discs I have heard. Not just for guitar players.

Gerald – Tucson
I kept hearing cool sound clips recorded by this cat named Greg V. for some websites of high end amplifiers on the internet… And now I own a CD by this absolutely talented guitarist. My favorite is the tune called Bend the Dusty Road. I would listen to this whole CD all day, every day if it were feasible. This cat is one talented musician and what a great effort he put into Tailgate Troubadour. I can’t wait for the next recording from Greg V.

 Scott Singow
A moody, atmospheric masterpiece. For me, this is the perfect CD for when it’s 40 degrees out and grey, and I have a chunk of uninterrupted time to take the journey this CD provides. Greg V. has chops that match anyone’s, but this is not a “look how many notes I can play” type of deal. Everything is done to serve the song. Everyone who appreciates tasteful guitar and masterful songwriting should own this CD.

Keith Rathbone
This Guy Is The Real Thing. What a great CD! Well constructed songs and a heartfelt performance by one of my new favorite artists!

Clark Mortensen
Fantastic. This CD kept me listening from begining to end and over again! I have placed this CD at the top of my cd stack. It is the first one I reach for.

 Mike Roberto – ToneGurus
Awesomely balanced mix of tones from Americana! I’ve had Tailgate Troubador for over 2 months now. I urgently ordered it when I heard it was released, and boy am I glad I did! Greg V. can shred with the best of them, but chose instead to meticulously assemble this soundscape of incredible tones and melodies from the “heart”land, while never sacrificing taste for guitar gymnastics. And his playing? Is “perfect” overstating it? Buy the CD and judge for yourself. As for me, I’m getting in line for his next release….

Chris Sonnenberg – Virginia
This is a brilliant CD, and an amazing debut album. There’s plenty of flat-out killer guitar playing on here, from Teles and other guitars to acoustics, dobro, baritone, lap steel and mando guitar. But what really sets Greg’s work apart is his compositions, his taste, his textures and the depth of the emotions he’s able to convey. These are BIG tracks, in the sense of being very cinematic. They’re whole and complete musical landscapes – vast, broad, expansive soundscapes – not catchy pop-type tunes, or shred exercises. Each one tells a rich and well-defined story within itself, yet there’s not a vocal track to be found. In that sense, he reminds of me of one of my heros, Ry Cooder, in his ability to paint such vivid and moving musical pictures. You’ll also find a current of Americana not unlike Bill Frisell. And guitar-centric writing worthy of Mike Post. This is COOL STUFF! And oh, yeah – Greg is a tonemeister. I’d kill to get some of the sounds he coaxes out of his guitars and amps. They sing, they soar, they whisper, they cry. Again, brilliant. I don’t imagine it will be too long before we’ll be hearing some of this music in the soundtrack of a motion picture, or on a show from one of the hipper TV networks. Some smart Hollywood producer is going to jump all over this material. Remember, you read it here first. Anyway, check it out. Highly recommended.

Mike Pacheco – KWYK Radio
This CD has some of the most tasty guitar playing I’ve heard in a long time. I have been a music director for KWYK for the last 15 years and have heard tons of guitar records that have come my way in all flavors. When I first spun Gregs CD, it just blew me away. My first listen told me that Greg has some pure tone going on with some lucious melodys and layered guitar parts that just add depth and adventure to every track on the CD. I couldnt wait to turn my listeners on to this CD. Being a player myself, this CD made me want to go out and buy a Tele!. This is the guitar CD of the year!

David Kelly
Greg V.’s CD is a beautiful exploration of Americana music. His playing is superb, and it’s all in service to some incredible tunes. The emotional connection from this album is stunning – there’s a wistfulness about it that makes it hard to turn it off or get it out of the CD changer. I’m a huge fan and can’t wait for him to put together his next one!

Glenn D.
I happened across this cd without a thought or an expectation only to find one of the most inspiring albums I’ve heard in years. This is the real deal, full of heart and soul in addition to masterful technique. Greg V’s album shines throughout with beauty, musicality, tone and intensity. How lucky I was to find this gem!

Bob Savage
I had high expectations for this CD because I know what Greg is capable of, but Greg went above and beyond what I expected. The disk is a gem in all respects, beginning with the playing and textured tones to the mixing and mastering, and finally the artistic professionalism of the CD design.

Mark Fowler
Awesome, Greg has outshined himself…again…Tailgate Troubadour is a totally awesome CD. The blending of the various instruments only proves that Greg is a serious professional artist that puts his soul into everything he does. My favorite…Amazing Grace.. Congratulations Greg!!

Jeff Brisson
Great sittin’ round, laid back, instrumental music……

Jason Boggs
Ya know while a cd of instrumentals isn’t always for everyone, especially the “pop music crowd”, this is an excellent cd for musicians, and REAL music lovers. Greg V’s guitar work is amazing, but its not “guitar hero” stuff, its more ambient music, with lots of textures and layers. Great stuff here.

M. Agosti
Bello! Suonato ottimamente, registrato bene, suona bene insomma. Lui è un gran chitarrista, con un ottimo gusto, che sà creare atmosfere veramente evocative. Consiglio a tutti.

Galen G.
Great guitar work. Great production. These songs are deep and varied. I had this CD on constant rotation for the better part of a month after I got it. I heard about him after visiting Tone Quest online. I gave it a five star rating.

Joshua H. Gordis
Deep feeling, tone for days, authenticity and first-class musicianship. I love this record.

Brian Christ
This was one of my first CD’s from CDBaby, and with good reason. I discovered his web site quite by accident and am so very glad that I did. His music is absolutely outstanding. Their is a little bit of every guitar sound, with exception of really heavy metal tone, along with brilliant music writing, and superfluous production. I’m not exaggerating when I say that you could put this in your player on eternal repeat, and not get bored with it, or have the sounds become tiresome to your ears. This is real quality in music, and I hope that someday, Greg V. would record another one. I would snap it up in a second to add to my collection!!!